Sandy Koufax Visits The Dodgers Spring Training Complex

Sandy Koufax made his way to the Dodgers Spring Training complex for his annual visit. Koufax was asked about Clayton Kershaw as in previous years and even more now as Kershaw coming off his Cy Young season and has become one of the elite pitchers in the game.

“He’s competitive when he’s out there, he wants to win and he wants to get better,” Koufax said. “He’s not satisfied. He wants to get better.”

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New 10 team playoff system 

Today MLB officially announced the new playoff system that will be in place starting this year. The new system will now include two wild cards in each league advancing to play each other in a one game playoff. So how will this affect the playoffs? We shall see come October. Interestingly if this system would have been in place since 1995 when the wild card was introduced the Dodgers would have been one of the teams benefiting the most from it. They would have made the playoff 10 times instead on six.

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Jon SooHoo Blog

Check out Jon SooHoo’s Blog for some great pictures from todays Dodgers photo day.

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Spring Training 1967

Check out this cool Dodgers Spring Training video from 1967. Check out a young Don Sutton in the video. Thanks to @rbaly79 for posting.

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