Jackie Robinson PSA Voiced By Vin Scully

Before  Ellsbury, Before Kemp, Before Ichiro, Mo and Thomas. Before Gywnn, before Ozzie, Before Murray and Carew. Before Frank, Before Ernie, Before Aaron and Mays. There was Jackie.

Those word narrated by the great Vin Scully in a new PSA from MLB for Jackie Robinson day tomorrow.

You can read more about the PSA in the Press Release MLB


Dodger Stadium Mini Replica

If any one is going to the game tonight they are giving out Dodger Stadium mini replicas. These look pretty cool. I might have an extra or two. I will see what I can do with them. Maybe I will bundle them with the new #whosyourdaddy shirt if anyone is interested.


Dodgers Sale Approved By Bankruptcy Court

The Dodgers sale was approved by the court yesterday after MLB through out some objections to the sale. They set up the parameters then they still object. Sale should be completed by April 30th and the first home stand under new ownership will be May 7 against the Giants. LA Times