Has The Dodgers Next Owner Already been Decided?

It has become apparent that Frank McCourt will not give up the parking lots. We knew when the team went up for sale that he had final say in deciding whether he would include them. I made the mistake of assuming that he would include them once he saw all the bids coming in especially at over 1.5 Billion. This could be just a ploy to try and get more money, but I think he really intends to keep them because he sees the parking lots can ultimately be worth Billions more. I have a theory that he has already decided whom he wants to sell to and what his next steps will be. He previously has stated that he liked living in Los Angeles in he intended to stay living here. He did say that there is a bidder willing to buy the team without the  parking lots.

McCourt has told people he has at least one bid in which the buyer would let him retain ownership of the parking lots.

I feel that bidder is St Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Over the last year there has been a lot of talk about the Rams possibly moving back to Los Angeles. There has been a lot of talk if there current stadium is not renovated they can leave after 2014. Things got interesting when it was reported that Kroenke is in the batch of final bidders. There is no other reason why he would bid on the Dodgers. The NFL has rules regarding cross-ownership. If Kroenke buys a baseball team in Los Angeles, which would be permissible, and then an NFL team other than the one owned by Kroenke moves there, the situation could get dicey. I touched on this earlier this month. I believe that he could already have a deal in place with Kroenke.

  • He sells him the team
  • McCourt keeps the parking lots
  • They announce they will build a state of the art Football Stadium in the existing lot and create a new parking structure.
  • Then they announce that the Los Angeles Rams will become the new tenants of the stadium.

During all this process Frank McCourt makes out to be the Hero and Savior for doing something that many have tried before him and could not do, bring back football to Los Angeles.